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Do you want to improve your business 20-30% in next six months?

If Yes, then with my vast (24 years) experience in crucial business fields, I can help you with it.

My experience includes:

  • 14 Years as an employee with a large organization
  • 8 Years as an online marketer (websites and social media) and entrepreneur
  • 2 Years as a trainer in personality development, leadership skills, sales and marketing

I started working since 1993 with Emirates Post (A large government organization). In year 2008, I resigned my job and started my own Online Marketing Consultancy business, which included creating websites; social media plat forms and online software. Initially I was the Web Designer, Programmer and the Manager in my company. Within three years, my company was grown to a medium size business network with four branches as in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and India.

Besides all these achievements, I was not happy and I was in search for better accomplishments. Later I found my passion is lying in improving people skills. This information was revealed to me through the overwhelming responses I received, to some of the videos I uploaded in YouTube and Facebook with life and business improvement tips. As of now, I have the largest number of followers in YouTube and Facebook in this area and in this category.

With these developments, last two years I am providing training to people for improving their personal and business skills. Further, I provide training to organizations for developing their sales team, employee work culture and managers' leadership qualities. Plus as one of the most experienced web professional and online marketer in UAE, I am able to assess and fix their online marketing strategies that includes websites, social media and search engines.

For you, Here is my plan for improving your business upto 20-30% in next six months.

This includes Online Marketing, Sales Training, Employee Work Culture Improvement and Managers Leadership Qualities Development. The program require atleast six months to complete in different three days sessions. Here, as a test, I suggest to appoint me as your business development consultant for a "three days session". In this session, I can investigate your online strategies, train your sales team, motivate your work force and pass valuable information to you regarding effective management. During this period I work with you full time (7hours in a day) to improve your business. As I explain, this is a test dose, but through this you will understand the benefits and we can continues with other three days sessions as required. It may require minimum three sessions in six months to attain visible results.

During three days session, each day plan goes as follows:

  • 4 hours for training (Morning and Evening two hours each)
  • 3 hours for online marketing (study your online strategies). I have a development centre in India to assist me on this. If the task can be complete with minor adjustments then it can be done within the package. Or extra eservice fee required incase the website has to be revamped or extra manpower required. A 50% discount can be provided on this.
  • If you do not require to look into online marketing strategies then, I can put these hours to trainings. I am a massive reader. I read 100s of books in business, leadership skills and psychology. Plus I have a genuine skill to understand people and develop their skills. To assess it by yourself, please see the feedbacks of the people who took my services. The links to it are available in my facebook page and youtube channel or I can send it to you upon request.

Total expenses for three day program will be 2739 US$ + travel and accommodation expenses. I can come, stay and work with you anywhere in GCC countries.

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