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Program 5

Effective Leader

(5 hours, 6000 AED to conduct at your premise)

Many of the Managers and business people are not trained at all. They reached into that position because they are earnest and hardworking. This is not enough to be a good leader. We teach you about the Leadership qualities that are taught in higher courses like MBA. After this course you will not be the same. You will be more happy, energetic and a more productive Manager because you now know the science behind that.

  • This program gives you a complete framework for becoming an effective leader
  • You will know the psychology of your employees.
  • You will know how to motivate, influence and keep them happy.
  • You will know about recruiting good employees through intelligent hiring.
  • How to Manage problem employees (Unmanageable employees)
  • How to create a happy work culture. Your organization will be the place where people will like to come and work happily.
  • How to prepare yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally to be an effective leader.
  • You will know the essential qualities of leadership.
  • How to develop leaders in your organization.
  • These skills will help you to create an exponential organization that thrives.

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