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Program 1

Happy Employee – Create a healthy work culture

(5 hours, 6000 AED to conduct at your premise)

We human beings perform at our best when we are happy. The circumstances or working environmental culture where we live is a key factor of our happiness. An average employee is spending most of his or her time at work place and it is his major circumstance in his life. Unfortunately some workplaces are toxic or even worse. Employees in such organizations lack energy and enthusiasm. Such work force is not utilising even 25% of its potential. More over such unhappy circumstances can eventually lead to sick employees. All these are mentioned here to stress the importance of happiness in the work place without which the Organization may collapse eventually. Some signs of intoxicated work culture are:

  • Employees are always looking at their watches to see the working hours are over. That means they are not enjoying their work otherwise they never bother time.
  • Employees believe that working less and earning more is smartness. They seek all the ways for not taking additional responsibilities
  • No cooperation among employees. They do not help each other or share their knowledge. They believe helping mentality eventually may lead those works to fall upon their head. By sharing knowledge they believe their importance in the work will go and thus the other person can be more competitive than him.
  • Bosses believe that he should be around the employees threatening with punishment or motivating with rewards to make them more productive. This boss does not know that, the period of sticks and carrots are over.
  • Employees are unorganized and stressed. Often complain that they do not have enough time to complete their work. They do not know that, by organizing the work they can complete all their tasks in time and can lead a stress free life.
  • Employees’ having unhealthy thinking in personal or professional life. The employee feels tired and exhausted. By simple adjustments in thinking and some tips for calming the mind can help them to retune their healthy life.
  • Coming late to the office, over demanding, procrastinating and gossiping employees.
  • Employees are ignorant about the vision of the organization. Such employees do not have any sense of purpose.

We cannot be happy in such circumstances. These toxic workplaces will lead its employees to mental or physical sickness. We can turn such work places to thriving work places. Here we can bring your employees attention into the importance of attitude and how to have a happy work culture where every Employee is thrilled about their job. This is important. This can dramatically improve the overall productivity of the organization. If you already have a good work culture in your organization then, this program works as a booster as human being always require reminders to retain and boost their performance.

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