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Welcome to G.I.T.I. UAE

G.I.T.I. (Gulf IT Innovations UAE) is established in the year of 2008 in Sharjah, UAE. It has its development center in Kerala, India and has its Associated Office, SANDS ME in Media City, Dubai. This organization is established by O.H. Rahman a well known Online Marketer, Motivational Speaker and Success Coach.

There are 6 programs we conduct in organizations for business and work culture improvements. These programs can be conducted ether in your premises or at our premises. As require, we can do a to z for refreshing your staff with five star experiences including five star hotel venue, food and beverages. Further, we also can be invited to the staff events to nourish the event with knowledge and motivation. For more information, please call Mr. O.H. Rahman on +971 55 4982233 or the Manager Mr. Azeez Mithady on +971 55 4762233.

Happy Employee

Create a healthy work culture

We human beings perform at our best when we are happy. The circumstances or working environmental culture where we live is a key factor of our happiness. An average employee is spending most of his or her time at work place and it is his major circumstance in his life. Unfortunately some workplaces are toxic or even worse.


Super Employee by Brain Mastery

Knowing our brain is the most important knowledge in our life because, this is the organ that makes us different from other animals. By knowing the functioning of our brain at work, we can utilize its power to maximum and can have a highly productive life.


Sales Mastery

Here we teach you the fundamentals of sales. If you are not trained in sales yet or got only a little training then this will be a great course for you and this alone can double your productivity. A 50% of your efficiency will improve by just listening to this program.


Sales Superstar

This is an advanced course. In a rapid changing World, the selling techniques are also changing rapidly. Old fashioned methods can be applied no longer and you need to develop new skills to prosper in the future.


Effective Leader

Many of the Managers and business people are not trained at all. They reached into that position because they are earnest and hardworking. This is not enough to be a good leader. We teach you about the Leadership qualities that are taught in higher courses like MBA.


Online Marketing Training

We cannot survive in the market without exploiting the marketing opportunities in the Internet. Those companies who do not take this into serious consideration are on their way out from the market. As a Web professional with 10 years of experience Mr. O.H. Rahman is disclosing the tactics to use internet for the prosperity of your business or personal development.


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